About us.

JHA was founded in 2001 and has grown to become a trusted name in the provision of secure military and government Cyber and Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and other Federal Government customers in both countries with a defined need for secure communication products.

The company is owned and managed by Peter White who has over 35 years experience in secure military communication environments both as an Australian Army RASignals Corps Officer and as a Defence industry supplier and consultant.

Our experience, backed by the proven quality of some of the world’s largest and most innovative Defence suppliers including General Dynamics and Analog Devices, ensures our customers have secure communication solutions that perform under the mission-critical demands of both strategic and operational environments.


Peter White spent 14 years in the Australian Army after graduating from RMC Duntroon to the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RASignals).  In that time he gained an excellent understanding of military Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and Cyber across strategic, fixed and tactical mobile systems. Peter spent two years working  with the US Army as the Brigade Satellite Engineer at 11th Signal Brigade, Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

After leaving the Army Peter worked with Optus, a leading telecommunications provider in Asia Pacific as an Account Manager and Strategic Account Manager for the Australian Federal Government, specifically responsible for Defence and Intelligence Agencies. In that time he visited East Timor to coordinate the implementation of Welfare Communications for INTERFET and UNTAET troops and he was specifically responsible for developing and implementing a wide range of ICT projects for Australian Department of Defence and Intelligence Agencies.

Peter has a proven track record in devising and implementing ICT infrastructure and systems to meet a large organisation’s requirements. Peter has been responsible for the development and delivery of ICT and Cyber products, services and software to support large scale and time critical strategic and operational capabilities for a number of Federal Government Agencies in both Australia and New Zealand. He has a very deep understanding of the environments into which our products are deployed and has hands-on experience solving complex communication challenges.


JHA supplies secure (under ITAR regulations) and non-secure communication and computing equipment so go to these links for more information on General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) Cyber and Radio products:

  • Secure Voice & Data – Secure voice and data Cyber solutions that safeguard confidential information.
  • Radios – Military and civilian radios that enable users to have secure mobile voice, video and data communications without relying on network infrastructure.
  • Iridium Products

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JHA delivers after-sales service including training, support and coordination of product maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

In addition to our extensive range of products, JHA also provides consulting services to a wide range of customers. We can offer advice on tender responses, opportunity qualification, research and evaluation, strategic partnerships and access to our customer and industry networks to help in the delivery of stronger, more compelling bids.

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Following are links to our partner sites, which contain detailed product specifications.

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General Dynamics Mission Systems

Analog Devices

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